Saturday, 4 November 2017

RUN !!!

Little Girl who lives in Spooky Forest was out for her daily walk.

She knows Spooky Forest well and has a lot of friends there.
But this day she was thinking deeply about her latest painting and wandered off track near to where the Unpredictable Monsters live.

RUN !!!

She says this was a good way to get warm and so is joining in with Chris's original theme "101 Ways to Keep Warm" at "Art Journal Journey"

She is also linking with "Moo-Mania" where the theme is "Make it Feminine".
I think the blue Unpredictable Monster with the long legs is feminine, don't you?

Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Hello everybody.

One of my favourite challenges is Moo-Mania which is asking for art on the theme "Automobiles, cars and vehicles".

Sparkles, my bird friend, is in a hurry, racing through Spooky forest.
I wonder where he is going?  Any ideas?

Real Life here is pretty manic just now, and I can empathise with a bird in a hurry, so I am also linking to Elke's challenge at "Art Journal Journey" to make art on the theme "Landscapes of the Soul".

Monday, 2 October 2017


We've been on holiday.

We stayed in a cottage in Cornwall.

It was pretty near perfect.
The view from the upstairs window.

It had cottage rules.

The small village we were in was delightful with pretty houses.

Our main purpose on holiday is to get out in the fresh air and go long walks.

From the start of this beach to the cliffs at the end took an hour's reasonably fast walking with the occasional stop to look at something interesting.


There were lots of cliff walks.
We were highly amused at the one danger sign here

as everywhere else the unguarded paths went along like here

and here.

I did walk down these "stairs" when the tide was out.  Eeeek.

There were steep sand dunes and sometimes we had to climb over them to get home when the tide came in and blocked off the easy route.

Do you like my socks?

Socks play a big part in my holiday.  Each morning there is the ritual of the choosing of the "sock of the day".

We enjoyed every minute and had good weather, not too warm for walking, sunny with a slight breeze, just right.

I hope you enjoyed your seaside trip.

Monday, 11 September 2017


I painted this totally gross piece to try out the colours of some old acrylics that had been around for a while.

I'm always being told not to destroy duff paintings so I kept it (why?) but later on wondered what would happen if I cut it up digitally and recoloured it.

With colours inverted and recoloured it's improved already.

First cut-out (top left turned round).


Second cut-out dulled down a little (bottom middle).


There's also something interesting happening top right.


Who would have guessed these could have come from the bad painting?
I'm quite excited about making cards and framed prints from these designs.

Linking to  Susi's "Art Journal Journey" where Yvonne is hosting and has chosen the interesting theme "Colour in my World".

Monday, 28 August 2017


Hello everyone.

Over the past few weeks we've been festivalling in Edinburgh at the World's largest set of Art Festivals.

Douglas is absolutely exhausted.

As well as festivalling Douglas's other duties are to help to freeze and preserve the garden produce which all seems to come in the same few weeks. 
There are a thousand plums (we have three plum trees, one of which appeared all by itself),

and lots of apples (two trees).

The rock garden was replanted last year and has gone like a rocket all summer.  You can see the tomatoes in the background.  Funnily enough the outdoor tomatoes produce far better plants than the greenhouse ones.

Douglas asked his friend Mabel to help with the rhubarb.
Mabel is not her real name but her Internet name.  She is very security conscious.

And this year Mr. E's sweet peas are the best ever.

* * * * * * *

There are three challenges I absolutely had to make something for.

First, at "Art Journal Journey" where Jo is asking us to make art based on poems or a quote.  Although I have a thousand million fruits and vegetables to deal with I took to heart my sister's advice - "Just do it, and it's done".

Secondly, "Moo Mania" is asking us to make Bird art, and how could I miss doing that?

Thirdly, "Try it on Tuesday" has given us the theme "In my Garden", another must make.

I gave myself the additional challenge (mustn't get stuck in an art rut) of using these inks which I've had forever.

All set to go.

The instructions on the bottles were to wash brushes immediately after use so as soon as I had finished painting a colour I tossed the brush into water and because of this I eventually used 27 brushes.
You can see the brush on the left, which was white to start with, is still stained with purple even after being washed several times.

This is the result!  


Have you used these inks?  I found them quite difficult to use (I didn't use any water) and they don't spread like watercolour.  On the plus side they do stay where they are put. They also mix rather nicely.

I was completely in the Zone when painting this, didn't stop for anything from start to finish.

What activity puts you in the Zone?

Thursday, 17 August 2017


Over the past few weeks I've spent 20 hours making a textile piece for an exhibition.  After 20 hours I took a violent dislike to it and it will never see the light of day again.  (Sometimes you have to light the fire in Summer).

Then I painted a watercolour with flowers, trees, bunting and a cat you would not want to meet.  Same again.

So I was best pleased when this Cool Cat came out of my watercolour brushes this morning to give me her very best advice.

What do you do when you've made something and you don't like it at all?

* * * * * * *

Linking to "Art Journal Journey" where Jo is asking us to make art based on poetry or a quote.